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About Us

We believe there’s no better way to inspire a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in students than through discovery and hands-on experience. That’s why we partner with educators to provide unique, interactive learning environments where K-12 students learn new skills and problem solving through fun, team-oriented activities.

Whether you experience our STEM bus, participate in one of our STEM summer camps, or attend a high-energy school assembly demonstration, you’re guaranteed to learn something new and exciting, and discover how a career in STEM can be fun.

Founded by Engineers to Spread STEM

Founded by MIT and Stanford doctoral engineers Paul and Lorna Finman, partners with educators to excite students to pursue a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) career.

Attract. Engage. Encourage.

Our Three-Tier Presentation

We ATTRACT students by exciting them with our high-energy demonstrations in an assembly at their school, leaving them eager to learn more. Next, our mentors ENGAGE them with a trip onto our 60’ STEM Bus to experience our high-tech, hands on learning tools. Finally, we utilize our University Partners, follow up programs, STEM summer camps, and resources for educators to ENCOURAGE students to pursue STEM pathways through college and onto the awaiting workforce.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization partnering with Universities and Foundations to build a globally competitive, STEM skilled American workforce through hands on project based experiences. Learn more about our mission here.


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On this page you will find links to promotional videos, classroom downloads and DIY ideas, and downloadable pdf’s from many of our different experiments and projects.


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