Minecraft Mods: Intro to Java


Why is Minecraft so popular?  It’s an open-ended game platform that taps into a player’s imagination, allowing them to customize their experience.  Working alone or in groups, they can be architects and engineers, warriors or farmers, inventors or rulers of civilizations. The reach of Minecraft can extend beyond just playing it; teaching campers to modify the game with Java takes advantage of its natural excitement and points them toward a useful career skill: coding.

Campers will employ innovative problem solving to create tricks and tools to customize their Minecraft experience; all while developing some amazing programming skills needed to solve coding challenges.

All levels of experience are welcome! This camp provides two grade levels to allow students to be among their peers. Grades 3-4 are in the first level and grades 5-9 will be in the second level.

Technical Skills Learned 21st Century Skills Learned
Minecraft Modding Design Thinking
Programming with Java Creativity and Imagination
Game Design Flexibility and Adaptability
Debugging Problem Solving

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