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This post is for all those Minecraft lovers…

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10 Challenges to try in Minecraft:

Did you have fun in our summer Minecraft camp and are looking for additional challenges to keep you going strong?

  1. Try building an exact replica of your house!
  2. Build a farm that harvests itself!
  3. Harvest all blocks in a 16 x 16 area all the way to the bottom of the earth.
  4. Get 64 blocks of diamond and build a monument!
  5. Explore the surroundings of your house to fill a map.
  6. Defeat the Ender Dragon with a pumpkin on your head.
  7. Find a skeleton riding a spider. Yes they exist!
  8. Build a farm that harvests from a mob spawner.
  9. Build a massive rollercoaster.
  10. Make a creeper statue where each pixel of it’s skin is a whole block.

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