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After-School Workshops

STEMbusUSA’s after school program is designed by MIT and Stanford engineers and certified educators to deliver impactful coding lessons and tools directly to students and teachers. STEMbusUSA trained faculty will lead two, two hour STEM lessons at two-hundred and forty different schools during the school year. Students and teachers will be given access to free accounts and materials to continuing their coding practice throughout the year.

STEMbusUSA originally started attracting students to STEM by offering robotics and engineering summer camps in rural Idaho led by MIT and Stanford engineers, Dr.’s Paul and Lorna Finman. The success of the summer camps eventually led to the launch of an award-winning STEM charter school. The popularity of the school led to summer camps and statewide outreach through a STEM bus program. The STEM bus currently attracts and engages over 30,000 students annually in the fields of STEM and its popularity has led to summer STEM camps in the states of Idaho, North Carolina, and Oregon.


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