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Virtual Reality Summer Camps Return in 2017 at STEMbusUSA

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Is Back!

We love Virtual Reality and all of the awesome things you can do with it, which is why we’re bringing back our VR and game creation summer camp! Using Unity, a cross-platform web engine for game development, campers will learn 3D Modeling and game design skills while developing their own Minecraft world. Learn more about this camp by clicking the photo below.


How does Virtual Reality Work?

After trying a VR headset on, many people wonder how such realism and immersion is achieved. The answer is surprisingly simple and the technique used has been around since the 1940s! Virtual Reality devices simulate two separate displays instead of the typical one that you’d see on a computer or television. The images shown on these displays are slightly different than one another. The difference between the two photos is the same difference that can be found between each of your eyes. (Try looking at something close to you, closing one eye, and then quickly switching which eye is closed. See the difference?) When the displays are the only thing your eyes can see your brain can sense depth and even see object in your peripheral. This method is the same that View Finders, like the one below, used!

View Finder VR

This technology paired with gyroscopes, positional sensors, and a powerful computer yields startlingly realistic environments that can be explored by anyone! Imagine watching your favorite movie from the eyes of the main character, or sitting in the seat of a fighter jet from the comfort of your own home; all of this is possible with Virtual Reality.